This article is about upgrade for the Monarch Titan, and may redirect here. For XOTBR-16 Chaingun mod from the original Titanfall, see Accelerator.
Installs the Accelerator mod for the XO-16, increasing its max fire rate and damage.
— Description

XO-16 Accelerator is an upgrade available for the Monarch Titan, via Tier 3 of the Upgrade Core. When picked, it upgrades the XO16A2 Chaingun to have the Accelerator, a mod from the original Titanfall that turns the chaingun into a full-on rotary cannon (similar to the Predator Cannon). This upgrades the XO16A2's ROF and damage. It will start off very slow, until it has ramped up. Once ramped up, it will fire much faster than normal. It is best combined with Arc Rounds, for maximum damage to shields.

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